Outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, hunting, hiking, camping and skiing are a way of life in Minnesota.

All rural, vacant, non-reservoir land owned by Minnesota Power is open for public recreation, including hunting, unless posted otherwise. No expressed permission is provided or necessary. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Always check land ownership before your planned activity. Minnesota Power does not typically own the rights-of-way on which our power lines are located. Good sources to use when researching ownership are county property tax records or GIS mapping systems.

Minnesota Power provides a variety of amenities on its non-leased reservoir lands, including boat launches, campsites, picnic areas and trails. Boulder Lake Reservoir and Island Lake Reservoir north of Duluth are two of our most popular recreation areas.

To learn more about the relationship between our reservoirs and the 120-megawatt hydroelectric system they support, visit